Little Darling

Sonntag // 30. Oktober 2016

Kukulida, Martin Luther Str. 1, Dresden

Sonntag Nacht. Ab 8. Absurdes Theater zum Zeitenwechsel. Der Sommer vorbei. Neumond.

"Little Darling"

Come join us on Halloween for a night of live music, installation, performance, chaos and milk as we ask ourselves the big questions like who killed Jonbenet Ramsey? Is this art or is this a party? And what is Britney doing in the basement?
Doors at 8. surprises and good clean trash until the small hours of the morning.


"Little Darling" feat.:


Chronon (LE)<wbr>chrononmusic

Tinted House (DD)<wbr>eadghe

Dr. Telefonmann (BE) http://<wbr>

AG Scheissen (DD)
Die harte Nummer (DD)
Wo die Bosse hingeschissen haben, werden (DD)
Was mit Handschuhen
Alle anderen (vielleicht drei)


Quinn the Mannequin
Caroline Beach
Eva Jaekel
Clement Haenen
Valerie Plagemann
Casey Ouzounis
Marvin Neidhardt